Are you an antique seller or crafts-person looking for a booth at a high-traffic location? Please contact us and let us know what kind of items you sell, provide some pictures, and we can get you on our waiting list.

Terms for Vendors:
(*Note* The below terms are not comprehensive, they are intended to provide a basic understanding of the terms vendors will be entering into by signing. The complete agreement will be provided after the application and will need to be signed prior to vendor move-in date)

-Booth prices are set on a per booth basis as per the map kept at the register. Prices are locked for 6 months from the date of this agreement and are subject to change with 30 days notice from that point forward.

-The equivalent of one month’s dealer fees is required as a deposit on all showcases and booths.

-This is a 6 month lease, which will continue month-to-month at the end of the contract period. To terminate the agreement, please provide us with at least 15 days notice before the start of the next month.

-30 day written notification must be given in order to be eligible for returning of security deposit.

-We will pay out by check, no later than the 15th of the following month.

-If the sales of a vendor do not cover the dealer fees for 4 consecutive months, Mountain Town Antiques reserves the right to not renew the vendor’s contract.

-There is a 10% commission for all merchandise sold by dealers. This amount will be deducted from the monthly dealer payment.

-Mountain Town Antiques does not require Work Days. Vendors are not required to work the register.

-Vendors may choose to work the floor three (3) elligible shifts a month (Shifts are four hours. Eligible days include: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, and other Events as noted in the Mountain Town Antiques Calendar), in exchange for waving their comission. Responsibilities on these days include: Unlocking cases, answering questions, assisting customers, cleaning, etc.

-Unless otherwise arranged, vendors will not work the register.

-Vendors are expected to work their booths no less than once a month, putting out new merchandise, cleaning, and re-arranging. This work does not contribute to the above three (3) shifts.) We encourage engaged vendors.

-Dealers are encouraged to personally attend to sales in their rented areas and to keep them clean and orderly. If a dealer’s booth becomes visibly dirty or dusty, the dealer will be notified to clean it. If the dealer does not clean the booth within a reasonable period the booth will be cleaned at a cost of $25 per hour.

-Mountain Town Antiques does not permit the sale of animals, illegal items, or explicitly hateful artifacts. This prohibition explicitly includes Nazi and KKK memorabilia, but is not limited to those items.

-We also request that vendors refrain from selling current or recent political memorabilia.